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Five for Families: Go back to school with these films
School of Rock" - photo by Deseret Connect
Here are five movies from various platforms families may want to consider. Because not all are appropriate for younger children, age recommendations are included.

With summer winding down and kids heading back to school, here are five family friendly films featuring characters as they navigate life in and out of the classroom.

Amazon Instant: 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'

Harry Potter and his wizarding friends begin their second year at Hogwarts only to discover a mysterious creature now lurks in the halls and is attacking students. Common Sense Media praises the film for highlighting the importance of making good choices, stating, Friendship, love, bravery and loyalty are always major themes in the series. The website cautions that this PG-rated film is scarier than the first Harry Potter installment because it includes frightening creatures and extreme peril. recommends the film for viewers ages 8 and older.

Netflix: 'School of Rock'

An underachieving guitarist pretends to be a substitute teacher and recruits the students to be in a rock band. refers to the story as light, silly and often tongue-in-cheek, but parents should also note that the film is rated PG-13 and contains some language and elements of rebellion. recommends the film for viewers ages 11 and older.

iTunes: 'High School Musical 3: Senior Year'

The High School Musical crew enters its senior year and faces the changes that come with graduation. The Dove Foundation refers to the film as rollicking (and) energetic and a wholesome experience for teens everywhere. The film is rated G and received Doves Family-Approved seal for all ages. recommends the film for viewers ages 10 and older.

Amazon Instant: 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'

Based on a best-selling novel, the film follows a student as he tries to navigate the middle school social scene. The Dove Foundation boils the films plot down to reconciliation as one wimpy kid ... comes through in the end. The website suggests parents view the film first as it contains some gross humor. recommends the film for viewers ages 8 and older.

Amazon Instant: 'Matilda'

A young girl discovers she has special powers that she uses to cope with her nasty parents and horrible school, according to Parent Previews. The story ultimately has a happy ending for all the characters, but the website warns that younger children may be frightened by portions of the film. recommends the film for viewers ages 7 and older.