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Super Produce Story Time At Save Mart
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Save Mart Supermarket assistant store manager Evo J. Silva, at right, talks to youngsters about the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables and encourages the kids to select a piece of fruit to take home with them following the Saturday morning story time. - photo by Marg Jackson/The Leader
Tucked away in part of the produce section at the Oakdale Save Mart, a group of youngsters snacked on wheat crackers and salsa while listening to a story on Saturday morning. Then they got to take a guided tour, looking over the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables available at the store.
The gathering was the latest in the summer Super Produce Story Time series at the local supermarket, offered each Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Silva chose the book ‘Chicks and Salsa’ to read on Saturday and offered salsa — with the healthier alternative of wheat crackers —†for snacking. During the tour that followed, children were asked questions about fruits and vegetables, what they liked and didn’t like.
“It’s better to eat fruit in the morning, that gives you energy and it’s really good to have vegetables at night,”†Silva said, noting that the natural sugar in fruit is better suited to daytime use.
Vegetables are a better fit at night so you don’t go to sleep with the sugar from fruit still to digest.
“All the stuff in the produce department comes from the ground, it’s natural,”†Silva told the group of story time participants. “It’s good for you.”
From cabbage to bok choy, peaches to watermelon, children learned about a variety of produce.
Silva said there is also a short time from the produce to get from the fields to the store, keeping it even fresher.
“It’s picked and sent to our warehouse, from the warehouse it comes to us the next day, a one day turnaround,” he said.
Highlighting the need for at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, Silva said he likes to make the story time fun and informative.
The program will continue each Saturday through Aug. 29 at the East F Street store.