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Local Threading Artist Ventures On Own
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Patty Lopez, an aesthetician trained in the ancient art of Eastern Indian threading, has ventured out on her own and is located in the newly opened Mia Bella salon, formerly known as the Benjamin Tyler Spa. - photo by Kim Van Meter/The Leader

A single thread of string — that’s all local aesthetician Patty Lopez needs to transform even the most unruly ‘70s style eyebrows into perfectly manicured works of art and her clients adore her not only for her talent, but for her heart.
Eight years ago there were very few in Oakdale who’d ever heard of the ancient Eastern Indian art of threading for hair removal and eyebrow shaping.
But Lopez, who learned the trade in Los Angeles at the prestigious make-up studio Senna Cosmetics, brought her specialized skill set to town and there was no going back.
Of course, today, the trend has caught on like wildfire, even so much as you can get threaded at the mall, but it’s likely there’s no one in the area who can rival Lopez’ skill.
Which is why her clients made her promise that if she ever moved, they’d follow.
And they certainly did — right to her new business under her own name.
Lopez recently ventured on her own by renting space in the newly opened Mia Bella (formerly Benjamin Tyler) on North Third Avenue.
As of Aug. 17, Patty Lopez Skincare is officially open for business.
“My clients made me realize I was ready to go out on my own,” Lopez said, sharing the motivation behind the big leap.
As a commuting single mother of a 4-year-old son, Lopez also knew that in order for her to improve her financial standing, she had to take a risk and venture out on her own.
“The learning curve has been…expensive,” she laughed. “As a single mom it was hard because of the expenses up front but the spa is beautiful and I love the location. I can give clinical services with a spa feeling.”
Although she makes her home in Stockton because her son’s family is there, she loves Oakdale and considers it her “home away from home.”
“I feel such a connection to Oakdale. I couldn’t picture working anywhere else,” Lopez said.
Of the commute she said, “I think it’s relaxing. It’s my ‘me’ time when I get to listen to music and just relax so the commute doesn’t bother me at all.”
Lopez, an aesthetician for the past 12 years, does more than threading, of course, from facials to Brazilian waxes, but in order to master the skill of threading, there’s more than a steady hand required.
“It’s a very old, ancient technique that’s gentle on the skin but it’s also very precise for shaping the brows,” Lopez said. “If you haven’t been doing it for very long, you can bruise the skin. It should be less painful than waxing if you’re doing it right.”
But it’s also an art. Lopez uses her keen sense of aesthetic balance to create the perfect brow shape for her client’s face. It’s definitely not a “one shape fits all” technique.
And while her talent is certainly the initial draw, her girlfriend-next-door personality is likely what keeps them following her wherever she goes.
“I’ve been told by my clients that I have a calming presence,” Lopez said with a slightly bashful smile in her signature soft voice. “I just want my client to know they will be taken care of. This is what I love to do and I like that the client knows it. I love making people feel good about their skin.”
One of her other popular services is the signature facial.
“It’s basically a very relaxing facial with a lot of massage,” Lopez shared. “You feel really good when it’s all done.”
In addition, Lopez also performs chemical peels, Micro-Dermabrasion, and specialized spa and “pretty kitty” parties.
For the ladies who regularly get Brazilian or bikini waxes, the pretty kitty party is a fun way to get the girly maintenance done in a fun, party environment for a discount. The minimum for such a party is eight people and it only takes 20 minutes for each wax job.
A spa party is similar, except with facials.
Patty Lopez Skincare is located at 150 N. Third Ave.
To book appointments, call 209-403-3284.