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Local Chiropractor Works U.S. Open
At right, Dr. Jasper Cummins, owner of Yosemite Chiropractic, stands with U.S. Open golf competitor Rory McIlroy of Ireland during the 2009 competition held at Bethpage State Park in Farmingdale, New York, June 15-21. Cummins was among three California-based chiropractors invited to be on staff at the Open. - photo by Photo Courtesy Of Dr. Jasper Cummins
Dr. Jasper Cummins, owner of Yosemite Chiropractic, was among three California-based chiropractors invited to be on staff at the U.S. Open Golf Championship held at Bethpage Park, New York July 15-21 and the experience was, in his words, amazing.
Cummins found himself in the enviable position when a fellow member of the organization CORE (Chiropractors on the Road to Excellence) recommended the local chiropractor to the U.S. Open coordinators.
“I was ecstatic that I was chosen,” Cummins said, who received his notification in March, which then started the extensive background research required of any doctor on staff at the Open and the extra documentation needed to fulfill legal requirements. “I had to get my New York State chiropractic license so I could practice in New York.”
Once Cummins successfully navigated the red tape and fulfilled the security requirements, he flew out the Sunday before the Open for the practice round. He was set up in an office near the clubhouse, which sported a stellar view of the 18th hole and in between adjustments, he got to know some of the hottest names in golf today.
Cummins saw an average of 25 clients, comprised of athletes and caddies, per day, and the experience left him with continued admiration for the athletes who have earned the rank of professional.
“I enjoyed seeing all these top athletes using chiropractic,” Cummins said. “It’s nice to know they’re all into the wellness aspect of getting adjusted.”
And another thing, these athletes are in top form, Cummins said.
“This was an advanced course and at the pro level there are no carts so it’s an intense course and hard to walk. You’ve got to be in pretty good shape,” Cummins said.
In addition to chiropractic care, physical therapists and massage therapists were also on staff.
“It’s the largest wellness team put together for a major event,” he shared.
Common adjustments included shoulder, elbow, and wrist, Cummins said.
“It was amazing to see all the people you grew up watching on television,” Cummins said of the experience. “All of the athletes were respectful and professional. There was a lot of camaraderie and joking amongst the players that made the atmosphere off the course enjoyable.”
When asked if he’d like to return for next year’s event, which will be held at Pebble Beach, Cummins gave an enthusiastic yes.
“There was no hesitation,” he said. “I’m absolutely going next year.”