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10 Questions - Q&A With Dr. T. Jasper Cummins
Dr. T. Jasper Cummins, with his smiling daughter, Audrey, at Yosemite Chiropractic. Many people are unaware that infants and children can benefit from chiropractic care. - photo by COURTESY OF YOSEMITE CHIROPRACTIC

How long have you been a practicing chiropractor?

I have been practicing for 12 years.

Where is your office located?

154 S. Yosemite Ave., Ste. C in Oakdale. I also practice equine, bovine and K9 chiropractic which takes me on site to several different locations.

Many people are unaware of the benefits of chiropractic. Please list some of the benefits your clients enjoy.

ADHD, allergies, asthma, auto accidents. back pain, neck pain, bed wetting, carpal tunnel, colic, ear infections, fibromyalgia, headaches, pinched nerves, PMS, pregnancy, sciatica, scoliosis, slipped disc, stress, whiplash, wellness, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, and many others; you can visit my website at

You are the father of a newborn. Tell us howchiropractic care is appropriate for infants and small children.

Yes, my wife Barbie and I are the proud parents of a newborn girl, her name is Audrey and she is under regular chiropractic care.

Why would an infant need chiropractic?

If you have ever witnessed the birth of a child you can understand why you would check their spines for alignment/subluxation. Traumatic Birth Syndrome can result in the creation of multiple subluxations. Health consequences to the newborn from subluxations caused from birth trauma can range from immediate and severe to hidden problems that might take years to surface. Some of the more commonly mentioned problems that have been linked to traumatic birth are learning disabilities, headaches, hearing and visual problems, certain palsies and a number of immune functional problems.

How do you adjust an infant’s bones? Surely, you don’t crack them like an adult, right?

Same principles, different technique. Adjusting the spine of a newborn is painless and easy. The importance of a developing baby being free of nerve interference from subluxation cannot be understated. Even infants who appear to be healthy may have subluxation due to Traumatic Birth Syndrome. All babies deserve the best chance at a healthy life. One of my favorite testimonials is from a family who brought in their 4-month-old baby who could not raise her head off the floor when they put her on her stomach, she just scooted around with her face on the floor. I found two subluxations in her neck. I removed the subluxations and by that evening she could pick her head up and look at them while laying on her stomach.

What do you enjoy about being a chiropractic practitioner?

Helping people achieve their goals. Lately, we have had several people coming in who have recently made career changes from white collar to blue collar or they’re working harder to keep their jobs. Higher stress and higher physical demand on their bodies have resulted in injuries. Keeping people working so that they can support their families has been very rewarding as of late.

How long has chiropractic care been in existence?

The earliest records of spinal adjustments have been found in ancient cave drawings that date back to 17500 BC, the ancient Chinese were using spinal adjustments in 2700 B.C. Modern day chiropractic was founded in 1895 by Dr. Palmer.

What are some of the misconceptions about chiropractic care?

Once you start going to a chiropractor, you have to keep going for the rest of your life. This statement comes up frequently when the topic of chiropractic is discussed. It is only partially true. You only have to continue going to the chiropractor as long as you wish to maintain the health of your neuromusculoskeletal system. Going to a chiropractor is much like going to the dentist, exercising at a gym, or eating a healthy diet: As long as you keep it up, you continue to enjoy the benefits. Many years ago, dentists convinced everyone that the best time to go to the dentist is before your teeth hurt, that routine dental care will help your teeth remain healthy for a long time. The same is true of chiropractic care for your spine. It is important to remember that, just like your teeth, your spine experiences normal wear and tear as you walk, drive, sit, lift, sleep, and bend. Routine chiropractic care can help you feel better, move with more freedom, and stay healthier throughout your lifetime. Although you can enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care even if you receive care for a short time, the real benefits come into play when you make chiropractic care a part of your wellness lifestyle.

What are some of the most gratifying experiences you’ve had as a chiropractic practitioner within your field?

This will be my fourth year as a chiropractor for the US Open golf tournament and meeting and adjusting the pro golfers has been great. I was asked by the Oakdale Saddle Club to be this year’s chiropractor for all the cowboys, cowgirls and horses at the Oakdale Pro Rodeo and I accepted.