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Shop Eco-Friendly Valentines Day Ideas
2-7-18 EcoFriendly pix

Red may be the color most often associated with Valentine’s Day, but those who want environmentally friendly ways to celebrate this day of love can tint the occasion with a little green. This list of earth-conscious Valentine’s Day gifts can provide inspiration for loving couples.

Give organic chocolate. Eco-conscious chocolate connoisseurs will appreciate indulgent fine chocolates crafted with the planet in mind. Some of the world’s best chocolate is produced from small cacao farms that do not employ fungicide or insecticide in their farming practices. Choose chocolate artisans that produce their chocolate from responsibly-sourced ingredients for a sweet Valentine’s Day treat.

Plant a live gift. A living gift can be a symbol of enduring love and one that gives back to the environment. Couples can explore their options at local nurseries and plant a shade tree, shrubbery or even a fruit tree. This is certainly a gift that can give every year.

Write it down. Love notes are a simple, heartfelt gift. Choose to scribble down sentiments on recycled paper with nontoxic inks. Give that love note even more traction by framing it for a lasting gift.

Adopt an animal. Animal lovers crusade for their favorite mammals, reptiles and amphibians every day. Rather than exchanging a stuffed animal on Valentine’s Day that will only take up space on a shelf or bed, consider saving the life of a real animal. Conservation agencies can always use helping hands. Donations can be used to feed and shelter pets or to restore habitats for wild animals.

Give living plants. Flowers can express all types of emotions, but those cut blooms will begin to fade after a few days, especially when some flowers are flown in from all over the world. Gifting a potted plant from a local nursery is a more eco-friendly idea, and one that can last for many years to come.

Create a free-range, organic meal. Homemade food can be a nice gesture, especially when cooks select fair-trade, organic and free-range products. Don’t forget to extend the specialized shopping to include wine or other beverages that are locally sourced.

Give gifts of sustainable comfort. Practical but luxurious linens and clothing made from sustainable materials are great eco-friendly gifts. Bamboo bedding or organic cotton shirts offer comfort and promote environmental stewardship.


Gifting green for Valentine’s Day is easier than one may think. Eco-conscious gifts are a smart idea for anyone who wants to impart minimal impact on the planet this February and beyond.