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Dig Into The Facts Regarding Hot Dogs

It’s hard to imagine a backyard barbecue without hot dogs, even though a lot of people may be hard pressed to name just what hot dogs are made of. According to The Humane League, hot dogs are made from the emulsified meat trimmings of chicken, beef and pork. That mixture is then blended with ingredients such as preservatives, spices and coloring and made into a substance similar to batter.

Once that substance is produced, it is stuffed into casings, not unlike those used when creating sausages. The casings are made from processed collagen or collagen from animal intestines. Though the ingredients and process used to create hot dogs may not sound very appetizing, that has done little to affect the popularity of this beloved backyard barbecue staple. In fact, the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council estimates that Americans consume more than 20 billion hot dogs each year.