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Get the lead out: Officials must spring into action when kids' lives are on the line

During the funniest lunch I ever had with friends, we were practically rolling on the ground laughing as we each tried to outdo the others with stories of stupid things we'd done as kids — sometimes with our whole family.

February 16, 2016 | Lois M. Collins Deseret News | Other Views

Progress Through Business: A story of addressing poverty through enterprise

After over three years of writing these weekly columns, I thought it would be useful to tell the story of the group that appears in the byline of each of these pieces. It all started in 2006 when a group of people united around a common mission: to use business to fight world poverty.

February 16, 2016 | John Hoffmire Deseret News | Other Views

Birthing centers in the Philippines: Saving one mother at a time

According to a 2015 World Health Organization report, a mother dies from pregnancy-related complications every 104 seconds. Each time a mother dies, her baby — and even some of her other children — often die as well.

February 15, 2016 | John Hoffmire Deseret News | Other Views

A tricky combination: Some money, a honey and different spending styles

I'm coming up on my 20th wedding anniversary this spring, but I still remember the things that mattered to me when I was dating.

February 04, 2016 | Lois M. Collins Deseret News | Other Views

The influence of generic drug production on developing countries

Due to the difficulty in accessing drugs from brand-name pharmaceutical companies, most patients in developing nations are heavily relying on less-expensive generic drugs.

January 21, 2016 | John Hoffmire Deseret News | Other Views

What did folks want to know about children in crisis in 2015?

Childhood is not a happy place for all children, the process of raising them not always intuitive or straightforward for their parents. If one were to be honest about strengths and weaknesses, some parents are ill-equipped or have few resources for the task of child-rearing.

January 21, 2016 | Lois M. Collins Deseret News | Other Views

How to represent and protect minority investors against intentional wrongs in crowdfunding companies

The global financial crisis of 2008 was considered the most devastating financial crisis since the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929. The Eurozone crisis started in 2009, when Spain, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Portugal failed to provide their economies with, among other things, enough growth. These led to a dire liquidity crisis as banks, venture capitalists and angel investors became very hesitant about investing money in new companies. Start-ups were forced to seek out alternative funding mechanisms. This supported the growth of the modern-day Internet crowdfunding platforms first for donations, then loans and subsequently for equity.

January 20, 2016 | John Hoffmire Deseret News | Other Views

Virtual reality will give parents a host of new challenges

Last night I toured two cities in Latvia and stood on a sidewalk in Sao Paulo, Brazil, watching people walk by on a sunny afternoon. I turned around at one point to notice several people coming behind me. I hadn’t heard them. After they passed, I stared into the deep blue sky, then looked down to examine cracks in the concrete.

January 17, 2016 | Jay Evensen Deseret News | Other Views

Dumping your bad day on the clerk nearest you

For the first time, everyone at my house is employed. One daughter works at sports venues selling concessions and the other works at a local store.

January 12, 2016 | Lois M. Collins Deseret News | Other Views

The Tzu-Chi Foundation helps victims retain dignity after natural disasters

Tzu-Chi is a Buddhist humanitarian aid foundation that has helped the world through many of its greatest hardships since its start in Taiwan in 1966. Its support in some of the U.S.’s most recent tragedies has been vital to our recovery. For example, on Sept. 11, 2001, only three charity organizations were allowed on ground zero: the Salvation Army, the Red Cross and Tzu-Chi.

January 06, 2016 | John Hoffmire Deseret News | Other Views

Uber and the growing sharing economy

Uber’s takeover of the “I need a ride” industry can be compared to Amazon’s takeover of the “I want to buy something” industry. Some love it, some hate it, but like it or not, it’s happening. Uber’s success is indicative of a new employment movement sweeping the globe: the sharing economy.

January 03, 2016 | John Hoffmire Deseret News | Other Views

Aiding the last mile — a good bet on health for Africa

“We as people are not defined by the crises that strike our lives; we are defined by how we respond to them.”

December 31, 2015 | John Hoffmire Deseret News | Other Views

The life of A.J. Muste and trying to be a better Christian

I’m not a very good Christian, but I wish I was a better one, and toward that end I’ve been studying the life of A.J. Muste. I never met him — he died in 1967 — and I don’t ultimately share his left-wing, pacifist views, but my admiration for him continues to grow.

December 29, 2015 | David Blankenhorn Deseret News | Other Views

Too old for Santa, but not ready to be left out of Christmas giving

Santa's got enough on his hands without worrying about them. The adults in their lives often can't do much to help them. And programs that reach out to the needy with gifts and supplies during the holidays usually have a carve-out that specifically excludes them.

December 20, 2015 | Lois M. Collins Deseret News | Other Views

Good news on poverty reduction worldwide

In the first week of November 2015, Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank, reported that the percentage of people living in extreme poverty is projected to fall to around 9.6 percent by the end of this year. While this is excellent news, and mostly due to Chinese economic growth, the fact remains that not all countries have recorded their poverty data reliably during the past two decades. In October, the United Nations agreed upon 17 sustainable development goals, beginning with the desire to "end poverty, in all its forms, everywhere."

December 18, 2015 | John Hoffmire Deseret News | Other Views

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