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Knights Ferry News

September 22, 2010

POSTED September 22, 2010 2:35 a.m.
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Last Thursday at midnight Michel and Gordon Griesner shot a rattlesnake with 5 rattles. The dog woke them up by barking at the snake. The next day there was a rattlesnake on the driveway and it too was dispatched! They are on the move looking for a place to hole up for the winter.


The new doors on Glenda’s Deli look nice!


Birthday greetings for the month of September go out to: Jenny Limon, Sasha Sinkevich, Grant Wright, Mike Wright, Sally Goehring, Gerry Dickens, Luke Bell, Kelli Sinkevich, Lynn Duckworth, Phillip Frymire, Dustin Donnelly, Breanna Banks, Evelyn Frias, Gayle Lund, Cassandra Padilla, Michel Griesner, Ken Raven, Emma Vargas, Alex Naccarato, Will Haskell-Kelly, Cheryl Griffiths, Nikita Sinkevich, Christine Fortuny, Jonna Ohe, Troy Peterson, James Peterson, Marcada Bystrom, Justin Paulat, Madison Willis, Jim Mangante and Pedro Munoz.


Bill Frias has returned from New Bedford, Massachusetts, his birth town. He had a great time looking up each house he had lived in, including the one he was born in. While Bill was gone, Evelyn enjoyed shopping in the Bay Area!


Gayle and Don Diltz have returned from a trip to Goldfield, Nevada. Don has a sister with property in Goldfield and they all got together with their RV’s. On the way over, Don took Sonora Pass and Gayle said going down the brakes smoked! They had a good time driving the desert roads and exploring old mines. On the way home they had a brake smoking time also!


Izabelle Baker tripped at KFS and split her forehead open Friday before school. Grandma Dorothy, who walks Izzy to school, pinched the gash closed and many parents rushed to help. Wendi Dudley helped ice it down and Tim McKinsey rush up to drive them to the hospital. She had 12 stitches! Hurry and heal Izabelle!


At the meeting of the Knights Ferry History and Museum Associates last Tuesday the trimming of the trees at Miller’s Hall was discussed. Rossean Hunter told about the sewing machine that had been donated to the museum. She researched it on the Internet and found out it was an East coast brand. Also on the agenda were the upcoming Pumpkin Roll and Christmas in Knights Ferry, with the third annual parade!


Carmen Frymire thought she was going to dinner with Phil, Lisa and Fred and had to stop at the clubhouse so Lisa could get something. Once in the door, with everyone saying, “Surprise!” Carmen realized she had been tricked. It was her 80th birthday and many family and friends had gathered to celebrate it with her. There was a lovely dinner and cake to enjoy. Carmen thanked all who came and was really surprised. Many family and friends spoke about Carmen and what she has done for the community, including Pastor Tanis who thanked her for the use of their property for Easter Sunrise Service and opening her home afterwards. It was a great party!

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