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Knights Ferry News

August 11, 2010

POSTED August 10, 2010 6:58 p.m.
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Tom and Denise Crom’s “Barn” in Escalon has a lot of stone fruit in and it is ripe and juicy for your eating pleasure. Their heirloom tomatoes are slow in ripening but they have over 100 plants! They are planning a vinegar tasting in the future. Stop by and check out the produce.


There was a car break-in at the Knights Ferry Rec. area and a truck stolen near the Orange Blossom Bridge. Be careful out there.


Condolences go out to Chris Lewis on the death of his father, Bobby Ray Lewis.


It was a tasty dinner at the Community Club meeting last Thursday. Upcoming happenings are a welcome home party on August 14th and the zero party on September 11th.


Birthday greetings for the month of August go out to: Jeremy Page, Ellen Wearin, Scott Redden, Alex Barrett, Dave Rorabaugh, Sherry Schlegel, Monica Brockman, Dustin Holcomb, Adam Maisel, Kyle Hauskens, Jasmine Derrick, Mario Arias, Ray Patton, Jenna Armario, Tyden Bystrom, Brandi Cardey, Eden Cassinetto, Austin Santillo, Eron Roan, Dustin Darnelle, Taylor Hobbs, Emma Hutchings, Brendt Noon Jr. Zachary Mooneyham, Nancy Simons, Sara Harris, Tim McKinsey, Madeline Freitas, Elijah Van Brunt, Jesse Freitas, Peyton Paul, Linda Cassinetto, Aubrey Mendonca, Marina Braaton, Samuel Fletcher, Hayden Cassaretto, Tate Cassaretto and Sophie Thompson.


Sara Harris was surprised last Wednesday when she went to the River’s Edge to have dinner and found out it was a party for her big 50. Many friends gathered there to help her celebrate. Lisa Frymire and Tracy Griesner put together a video of many pictures from Sara’s past. There was a “cake” for someone to pop out of, the someone ended up being Sara! All had a good time.


The Blue Oak tree in your reporter’s yard is covered with jumping oak galls. These are minute globular seed-like galls. They form when a gall wasp deposits her eggs on the leaf and the developing larva causes the deformation known as galls, which are the food and living chambers for the larva and pupas. They have a single wasp larva inside each one and when ripe the gall falls to the ground. The wiggling larva makes the galls jump, like Mexican Jumping Beans. The whole ground under the tree is moving with these galls. Thousands of them are moving at the same time. Where there is a rock filled wash, it sounds like Rice Krispies, snap crackle pop. This is only the second time in 32 years that this has happened. Some people call these galls flea seeds!

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