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Knights Ferry News for February 3, 2010

POSTED February 2, 2010 4:01 p.m.

Don’t forget the Knights Ferry Community Club meeting and dinner Thursday, Feb. 4th at 6:30 in the clubhouse. After the meeting the tables will be set up for the Ground Hog dinner.


Saturday, Feb 6th is the second annual Ground Hog Dinner and White Elephant raffle. The doors open at 5:30 at the clubhouse. Bring your White Elephant items for the raffle and a dessert (A-M) of a salad or side (N-Z). The club provides the main dish. This is a free event; just bring food, raffle item and drinks!


The Kindergarten, First and Second Grades celebrated their 100 days of school last Friday. The sidewalks were full of numbers to 100 counting by ones, fives, tens etc. The students brought in 100 items to display. In Mrs. Wearin’s class there were collections of 100 Little Pet Shop pets, army men, cowboys and Indians, and Pixie Sticks to name a few. In Mrs. Pfefferle’s class there were 100 Q-Tips, stickers, sweet hearts and coins. Now it’s the countdown to the end of school.


Congratulations go out to 17-year-old Taylor Hobbs on having part of the novel she wrote read on a radio station in San Francisco!


At the January 28th meeting of the MAC, Lt. Gonzales, Training Officer of Oakdale Rural Fire Department, wanted to know if the fire department could be of any help in the town’s Hazardous Mitigation Planning. Shavon Haskell, Secretary of the MAC, explained what has been done and would keep them in mind. Animal Control told of more dogs being licensed in the Ferry than in past years. Officer Garrett from the Sheriffs Department reported on the transfer of the Knights Ferry area to the Riverbank Command Center (previously Waterford). He also reported since December 1st there was one assault, one burglary, one grand theft, one vandalism, seven disturbing the peace, four assists to EMS and eight suspicious circumstances. He said it has been pretty quiet. California Highway Patrol Officer Daniels said it has been very quiet, only a few accidents on the highway. Heather Wright speaking for the U. S. Army Corp said she was working on the summer sheriff patrol for the park and town. Raul Melendez from the County reported the budget was gloomy! He told of an orientation in February for board members. There is still one vacancy on our MAC. Mr. Martine from Fish and Wildlife spoke on the side channel project for the salmon to be located off Lancaster Road. The Knights Ferry Community Church is continuing the wall to along Ellen Street to Lynde Street and would like to add footage to the Youth building. Bob Muller spoke on the addition. A special MAC meeting will be held Feb. 3rd at the clubhouse at 7 p.m. to discuss the youth center addition. The public is welcome to attend.


The Fifth and Sixth Grades at KFS have a monetary system in their class. Last Friday they held “Kid Business,” where there were stores selling baked goods, a Taqueria, a shooting gallery etc. The students ran the stores, having to buy their business license and table space. The classes shopped for the best bargains and spent their “money.”


KFS held their second quarter Renaissance assembly. Those making the list received a water bottle with attached snack canister. Having a 4.0 grade point average were: Jocelyn Burke, Shawn Spani, Shaela Borba, Meghan Caron, Sage Heckinger, Sophie Jones, Daniel Lubeck, Devin Odom, Shaye Spani, Kai Tanner, Ashley Caron, Peyton Paul and Charles Wong. Congratulations! Next week the B list will be provided.

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