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Valley Home News Week of August 27, 2014

POSTED August 26, 2014 4:50 p.m.
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Don’t forget that St. John’s/St. Luke’s Church will be having a yard sale, bake sale, and enchilada sale on Friday, August 29 and Saturday, August 30 at the Church, 8 a.m. on Friday and 7 a.m. on Saturday. There will be a limited number of frozen pies, and enchiladas sell for 1/2 dozen for $15.00. Come and support their well fund and take advantage of this opportunity to support the Valley Home community!


In this week’s column we pay tribute to our Valley Home 4-H, to its members and its leaders, past and present! It would be impossible to know the number of young people that have benefited from this wonderful organization. We do know that being a part of Valley Home 4-H has produced a valuable legacy for this community. Starting many, many years ago the 4-Hers in Valley Home 4-H would work tirelessly doing community service within Valley Home and surrounding areas. During the year they would learn to bake, cook, sew, do wood working, work on automobiles, and raise animals for fair. As time went by new projects were added, rocketry, photography, and more. The 4-Hers were proud of their efforts and cared deeply for their Valley Home community and its citizens! Today that same pride is evident as we witness the transition of one Community Leader to a new Community Leader. Over the past many years Tena Heaton has served Valley Home as our Community Leader. Tena and her husband Scott worked tirelessly for Valley Home 4-H in many capacities. In return they were the recipients of much love and many lifelong friendships from Valley Home 4-H youngsters and their families! Their daughter Jenna Heaton grew up as a Valley Home 4-Her. During Jenna’s 4-H years she was part of a wonderful group of Valley Home 4-Hers who gave much and worked so hard for our Valley Home Community. It would be impossible to name every name from the past few years, but Valley Home 4-H is proud of each and every one! Some of these 4-Hers have already or will be soon leaving Valley Home 4-H. Some to college, some to other areas, some to other interests, but each one of these young people had a hand in starting the following traditions: Community Christmas Parade (which is now run solely by the citizens of Valley Home), the Valley Home Park Christmas tree lighting, and the potluck dinner. Their hard work, their willingness to learn, their desire to take part in a team effort and give back to their community can never be measured in words! These 4-Hers also were involved in the first club trips to Disneyland, they also helped our school with starting the first annual Harvest Festival. One of the most rewarding community service projects these young people were involved with was their hard work on weekends at our Valley Home Community Park. As this dedicated group of 4-Hers move on, or get ready to move on, we will miss them terribly. But exciting events are in our future. Our new 2014-2015 Club president Sierra Haynes has great ideas and big plans for our Valley Home 4-H. With new community leaders Sean and Julie Haynes taking over, we want to say how much we appreciate their dedication to the youth of Valley Home and surrounding areas. Go Valley Home, our future is bright! We offer a tremendous thank you to the Heatons, Tena and Scott, for helping make Valley Home 4-H so special. We look forward to seeing them relax and just enjoy being project leaders within our great club. Julie and Sean, we appreciate your hard work within our club and now our club looks forward to your wonderful leadership! Special thanks to every 4-H member; every project leader and to all the community leaders past and present. This Tuesday September 2nd is our Valley Home 4-H sign up and officer installation ceremony. It will be held at 7 p.m. at the Valley Home park.


As always you may reach me at 985-5233 or by email, Until next time, “Happy Trails to All!”

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